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Admission Procedure

We make the admission process very simple.
In general, the documents required are more or less the same with small differences noted depending on the degree in question.
We prefer to receive your documents (be it personal statements, CVs or research proposals) in word format to that we can proof-read where needed.
We will then consult with partner universities and potential supervisors to identify the best programme for each application.
This process of informal consultation is an invaluable resource. When informal consultations are carried out they lead to significant reductions in application times and allow us and the applicant a better idea regarding the positive outcome of the application.
Following the informal consultations we will then prepare the online application on your behalf if this is allowed for by the university rules. If the rules do not allow for this then we will register the profile for you and guide you through the application process to ensure that everything is done properly.

Document needed for application

For First University Degree MSc or a PhD degree we require:



Proposal of research (if for a Phd)

Copy of passport

Two recommendation letters

We provide guidance into preparation of the personal statement and an appropriate CV.

Post Application

Post submission of your application we follow the application very closely and act as a liaison between the potential supervisors and the candidates. In certain cases there may be a need for introductory meetings between the supervisors and the candidates which we can facilitate – arranging and organising zoom sessions and providing advice to candidates on how to professionally conduct those meetings.

As our client you will never find yourself on your own in any challenging situation and you will get the benefit of our full support during your application journey.

When you reach the offer stage we continue to provide advice in relation to communication with the university until the issuing of the CAS letter (entitlement for VISA). At that stage we will provide you with guidance regarding the VISA application process itself.
We will also advise you regarding your accommodation options when you are preparing for your arrival in the UK.

Foundation Route

We provide a foundation program through the StudyGroup that can lead to admission into a number of UK Universities. In some universities this Foundation year is considered as part of the degree program and students are able to progress directly into year two of their degree after successful completion of the Foundation year.

English language proficiency

All UK university degrees require a good level of English language proficiency.

To evidence this an approved English proficiency test such as IELTs or an equivalent is required. Nevertheless, proof of proficiency is not a necessity at the application stage and candidates can still be awarded a conditional offer subject to providing an acceptable English proficiency score in line with the above.

If the level of your proficiency is not to the required level, then you can still be admitted into a language tuition course for a period of time that depends on your current proficiency level and the target level required for the course.

These language tuition courses can range in length between 4 weeks and 11 months as necessary.

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